GHOST X1 3 LED CAP LIGHT photo GOHSTX11_zpsa9b94f1a.jpg GHOST X1

Our Price: $190.00
Camo hunting light
Our Ghost X series lights are designed to be bright and affordable. The Ghost X1 features 5 + hours of burn time on high. The lens throws a perfect 2:1 Beam/Halo ratio. At 170 yards you can light up an entire tree with the beam along with a 600 foot halo allowing you to see everything around you. This is the only light on the market that provides both the perfect beam and halo. The X1 features 2 white LEDs and one color. With our specific driver and lens, we are able to provide the same output as a 5 LED head for up to 180 + yards. The colored LEDs have a throw of up to 80 – 120 yards depending on the color. Green has the nicest throw. The housing is machined aluminum which is camo dipped and coated in a matte automotive clear coat that provides plenty of resilience against scratches. The entire light is controlled with our 5 position click switch and dynamic temperature control system. The temperature control system monitors the internal temperature of the housing. Once the internal temperature reaches a specific temperature, the controller begins dimming the light in tiny fractions to get a perfect balance of brightness and temperature. This increases the life of your LEDs by 30% and also increases burn time. With all of the features packed into this light, the head weighs a perfect 7.8 ounces. The head is very light. It will not force your cap to fall forward and the balance between the head and battery will not cause a bit of movement when looking straight up tall trees. All of our LED lights come with a 1 year full warranty + limited lifetime warranty unless stated otherwise.